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. >> president obama paying tribute today to president john f. kennedy. a short time ago he laid a wreath where kennedy is buried in arlington national cemetery. before that he an awarded the highest nation's honor created just before jfk's death. >> reporter: a number of comments running through both of these ceremonies. it's really quite interesting. let's start with arlington. it walate november 1963, presidt kennedy was interred in arlington cemetery. he was supposed to be buried in the family plot, or it was thought initially. the family plot in massachusetts. purelily happenstance, there had been no other president buried there, the president ended up there where we now see the internal flame which was inspired by something that jackie saw in paris, it now draws visitors from around the world. bill clinton had met kennedy as a young man, shaking president kennedy's hand in the rose garden in the early 60s, and then president obama, who of course, gained the endorsement of the kennedy family, edward kennedy, who is interred next to his brother, and caroline kennedy, as it happens, was inst
kennedy's assassination, as you saw, president obama giving out awards that jfk created. ♪ >>> congress taking another look at the problems surrounding president obama's signature healthcare reform law. this time taking a look on the impact on small business. >> i want to provide health insurance for my employees and their families, but we have been doing it for 15 years since i bought the company, but now because it is so high, our plan in effect is not viable, because it's not affordable. >> this hearing coming one day after a sat -- startling admission that key aspects of the site are still incomplete. the obama administration decided to launch the website october 1st, despite warnings from a consult act. the president says these issues reveal a problem with the way the government builds its websites. >> we probably underestimated the complexities of building out a website that needed to work the way it should. the way the federal government does procurement and it is just generally not very efficient. >> the site's building sites need to be corrected by january 1st. the obama admin
to be able to pursue a comprehensive agreement that would finish the work that president obama begain on the very first day in office. and that is to ensure that iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon. president obama worked intensively, and his administration worked intensively before i came in, when i was in the congress, and voted for sanctions. the president worked in order to put in place a significant sanctions regime. anunprecedented regime. and he worked with countries around the world in order to ensure broad participation and support for the sanctions. that has been essential to the success of these sanctions. and we believe that it is the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation, and ultimately to the more significant negotiation to follow for a comprehensive agreement. make no mistakes, and i ask you, don't interpret that the sanctions were annd unto themselves. they weren't. the goal of the sanctions was always to have a negotiation. and that is precisely what is now taking place, and that negotiation's goal is to secure a strong and verifiable agreement that gua
. . >>>. >>> president obama admits he fumbled the rollout of the affordable care act and announces a plan for americans to keep insurance policies cancelled under the law >> some victims of typhoon haiyan are begging for help a week after the storm. >> a reality tv show for the mayor of toronto, the plot twist for rob forrd. >> in chicago - hundreds show up hoping to try out for the new star wars movie. . >>> welcome to al jazeera america. under pressure to keep a promise he made repeatedly, president obama said he'll make changes in his health care law, announcing on thursday insurers may reinstate cancelled policies for a year, but insurers must be told what they don't cover. they cannot be purchased by new customers, a republican bill on friday let's health companies offer the plans that don't conform to the affordable care act. mike viqueira has more from the white house. >> it was a remarkable appearance by president obama. he was contrite, apologetic, shouldered a lot of the blame and propose add -- proposed a solution, a fix. >> with republicans and democrats on the verge o
on the security pact with the u.s. hamid karzai told the group that barack obama sent him a letter assuring him the security pact is in afghanistan's interests and said u.s. troops will enter afghan homes only in exceptional circumstances. >> in pakistan a suspected u.s. drone hits a religious school in the north-west of the country. six were killed. the u.s. says the school is controlled by the haqqani group, linked to the taliban. secretary of state john kerry says counter talks offer the best chance in a decade on iran's nuclear program. six world powers will continue talks on tuesday. >> back in geneva, less than two weeks after the last talks stalled. the e.u. official in charge of foreign affairs, catherine ashton - an interim deal on iran's program seemed close. pressures, constraints on both sides have been growing since they were last here. in tehran, in a tell voiced address the man in charge supports the talks. there are red lines he will not allow negotiators to cross. >> translation: i insist that the rights of the nation be preserved, including the nuclear rights. >> last time aro
compromises, and hard decisions. this can be achieved. president obama sees the road ahead as do i. >> and kerry also met today with palestinian leader in bethlehem. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is here to try to bring the palestinian and israel negotiators closer after direct talks started and were relaunched between the two sides since the end of july. it's going to be a very difficult task because so far the pal stinance and israelis have held 16 meetings without achieving any break through. one official described the israeli stance as the worst in 20 years. since these talks began, israel as either approved or announced tenders for building an additional 5,000 new housing units in illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and jerusalem. and according to palestinian officials as well the israelis are being very difficult, they are not willing to make any concessions. they say they want jerusalem as the unified capitol of israel and they don't want to grant the right of return to any palestinian refugee, and they want the palestinians to recognize israel as a je
of president obama's judicial contaminations moving forward. >> dell, republicans block these nominations, and democrats are furious. they say they are non-controversial amroi non-controversial -- appointments. take a listen to senator reid. >> during this congress, the 113th congress, the united states has wasted an unprecedented amount of time on procedural hurdles and partisan obstruction. as a result, the work of this country goes undone. congress should be passing legislation that strengthens our economy, protects american families. instead we're burning wasted hours and wasted days between filibusters. >> so the nuclear option means it would take the simple majority to overcome this filibuster threat. you think about senator rand paul doing a marathon talk session on the senate floor. often it is just the threat of a filibuster that holds up something. this is getting a bit of a derisive response from republican, both because they thought senator reid has been bluffing, but also because they say he is trying to change the conversation from healthcare to this. >> in other words they
, the chamber is in fear of a meltdown. president obama heralded the change. >> people should vote their conscience, on behalf of their constituents. they should vote. that's what they are there to do. >> the president accused the republicans of abusing senate rules. >> a determined effort to obstruct everything, no matter what the merits to refight an election is not normal. >> there were three votes on obama nominees to the d.c. court of appeals. republicans blocked them all. the change means a majority of 51 senators can confirm all presidential nominees except to the supreme court. before today the number was 60. republicans called it a power grab. john mccain quoted the words of barack obama in 2005 when he opposed a change. >> if the right of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party and the millions of americans who ask us to be their voice, i fear partisan atmosphere in washington will be poisoned to the point where no one will be able to agree on anything >> today's move had results. the nomination of patricia millet moved forward with 55 votes. with the p
and snow. >> president obama says he's optimistic about the agreement on iran's nuclear program and hopes the deal will dismannedle the history of mistrust between iran and the u.s. >> i firmly believe in what president kennedy said - never let us negotiate out of fear, never let us fear to negotiate. i believe that. this diplomacy, backed by unprecedented sanctions on iran brought us the progress achieved this weekend. >> critics in congress says it gives iran too much lee way. it doesn't forbid the country enriching uranium. >> president obama's secretary of state john kerry and other officials describe it as a step towards the ultimate goal, ensuring that rain can never develop a nuclear weapon. there are sanctions in place, an easing of the sanctions to last six months. there are many in congress and elsewhere saying the deal is not enough. many are pushing for more sanction, not fewer sanctions on iran. they sea iran will play the game, parallels are drawn to north korea, coming to the table, getting what they want and going back to previous behaviour. >> ben rhodes is the deputy nat
, is promoting it now in the sunshine state, as the political storms intesify for her and president obama back in washington. >> the administration is about to jump back into talks with iran over it's nuclear program. and at this hour, the president is briefing key senators on the contours of a potential deal. >> and some tornado victims in illinois are returning to their homes for the first time, and they are finding something money can't buy. ♪ >> there is new evidence today that president obama has now reached the lowest point of his presidency so far. the washington post and abc news just released a new opinion poll showing that approval for mr. obama has dropped to 42 percent. that's the lowest number he's had in office. the president's disapproval rating has jumped up to 55%, the highest number he has had. the fall-off in support for president obama has been fueled by the rollout problems for the new health care law. fifty seven percent of those surveyed now oppose the measure, that's a record high. law, a record low. frightens the white house the most. almost four in ten americans say
.s. ships and planes will arrive to distribute supplies and evacuate survivors. the obama administration has sent $20 million for relief efforts. >> the u.s. military is investigating the death of four marines killed whilst dealing with unexploded maintenance on a training range used for target by artillery and aircraft. there was no firing under way when they were kill. >> a 16-year-old was under arrest after three students were shot near their school at pittsburg. the victims were attacked by a shooter who came out of the woods as they walked near the school. investigators believe the shootings may be drug related. none of the wounds are life threatening. >> a push for diplomacy with iran. the vice president and secretary are urging for more time for negotiations. joe biden made his plea at the concess hearing and john kerry at the banking committee. >> our hope is no sanctions will be put in place for the simply reason if they are, it could be viewed as bad faith by the people we are negotiating with. it could destroy the ability to get agreement, and it could wind up setting us back in d
. president obama awards the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom, 50 years after it was created by jfk. >>> negotiations and concessions, world powers trying to make a deal on iran's nuclear program. >>> and congress trying to pass a bill that could change the way that sexual assault cases are handled in the military. ♪ >>> two days before the 50th anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination, president obama will pay tribute to his legacy. he'll award the presidential medal of freedom, and head to arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at president kenne kennedy's grave. mike how are the recipients chosen? >> the president does have these two ceremonies on his schedule today. one joyful, the other solum. how are the honorees chosen, well, the president has a big say so. but basically these are people who have had meritorious contributions to american society, whether it be sports, entertainment, the sciences, jurises here, civil rights activists. it is obviously the nation's highest civilian honor. and in the grandest stage that this old
than those of president obama. and the one president bush. and the ones that do get a vote are confirmed with little if any dissent. so this isn't obstruction on substance, on qualifications, it is just to gum up the works. and this grid lock in congress causes grid lock in much of our systems. you have seen judges across the country, say these are vital vacancies that need to be filled. and this grid lock has not served the cause of justice, in fact, it is undermined it. other the past through weeks senator republicans again denied a yes or no vote, on three highly qualified americans to fill three vacantsies on the second highest court. even though they have to support of a majority of senators. four out of five of mine have been obstructed. the vote today is that a majority of senators belief that enough is enough. the american people's business is far too important, to keep falling prey day after day to washington policies. i am a former senator, we value any duty to advice and consent, we take that very seriously. but -- a few now refuse to treat that duty of advice an
that diplomacy opened up a new path for the world that is more secure. >>> president obama said the agreement was an important first step in keeping iran from making a nuclear weapon. >>> vatican secrets - secrets of st. peter left for centuries - to be unveiled. >>> hello, welcome to al jazeera america, i'm morgan radford in new york. >> an historic deal. there is now a deal in place on iran's nuclear program. it is designed to stop or scale back nuclear activities in exchanges for relief from economic sanctions. >> a result after a long night, described as intensive and complicated the p5+1 and iran struck an historic deal, the importance hinted at by the president's sudden and unusual for a saturday late-night address. >> today that diplomacy opened up a new pass. that iran's progress is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. it is a first step but achieves a first deal. for the first time in a decade we have halted the progress of the nuclear weapon. >> in timing the iranian prime minister spoke at the same time. >> i believe it is important that we all of us take the opportunity
siegenthaler in new york. health care corrections. president obama's latest fix for a broken promise, why republicans say it's not enough. a week later the disaster in the philippines, the despair for typhoon survivors, and the rising death toll. we'll take you live to the center of the catastrophe >> justice denied, why evidence is unexamined tore years in thousands of -- for years in thousands of rape cases. >> using the force. it's open call for the inter-galactic set - we go inside the auditions for the next star wars movie. >>> we begin with president obama's damage control for his health care plan. he's under pressure and under fire over the law he championed and has to change. the latest fix is a big one, the president says insurers can reinstate the millions of policies they cancelled, but they are not forced to do so. new customers will not be able to sign up for the plans. all this comes as the house vote is scheduled tomorrow on a republican-backed bill allowing insurers to sell existing plans for everyone. mike viqueira has more from the white house. >> it was a remarkable app
will help end the grid lock on president obama's judicial nominations. he hailed them this afternoon. >> today's count of obstruction, it just isn't normal. it's not what our founders envisions. it is a deliberate determined effort, no matter where the merits just to fight the results of an election, is not normal. and for the sake of future generations we can't let it become normal. >> libby casey joins us now with more on this grid lock busting vote. lick by, there is plenty of reaction. >> yeah, a big day on capitol hill. the rest of the country is scratching their head saying what is this situation, it can sound very dramatic. and in some ways it is, because it is the fundamental change in the way business is done in the senate. usually it takes 60 votes to overcome a threat, but what senator reid did today is he said nope, we are going to go with just a simple majority. the woman after the heart of this, patricia millet, she was a judge that was a nominee for the district circuit court, and so senator reed said if republicans are going to hold up the nomination we will move forw
for you. iraq's prime minister meeting with president obama in washington asking for help and weapons to fight al-qaeda. >>> just a handful of people signed up for obamacare in the first days it was launched. and secretary of state john kerry admitting that the nsa went too far in its spying program. ♪ >>> iraq prime minister spending another day in washington making the rounds today. he visits the white house. he is going to be meeting with president obama asking for help ending the violence he says has killed thousands of iraqis so far this year. mike viqueira is live at the white house. mike how can the u.s. help with this situation in iraq? >> there is no question there is a great deal of concern that iraq is sliding towards another civil war. the unitedations without a report today, more than 900 iraqis killed last month alone. among them, 852 civilians. another estimate has 5,000 iraqis killed since april as the country slides into more strife. the question is who is responsible? and this is his third day in washington and many believe this is not sectarian strife. many suspec
al-maliki is in washington to garner u.s. support to deal with violence in the country. barack obama says he wants an inclusive iraq and democratic elections should be held as soon as possible. >> iraq's prime minister nouri al-maliki came here to the white house, he said, with an urge request. he wanted the obama administration to speed up for promise additional equipment for the armed forces in iraq. at the end of the meeting barack obama said the u.s. was committed to helping iraq fight al qaeda, but did not give specifics. >> throughout the discussion, the main theme was that the united states wants to be a strong and effective partner with iraq. >> we had a common vision about all issues discussed when it comes to diagnosing the return of terrorism to the middle east. we talked about ways of counting terrorism and had similar positions and ideas. >> the obama administration wanted concrete promises from iraq's prime minister that he'd change the way he's governing, making it more inclusive, leading to the election. they said it was the goal. they didn't outline what, if anything
and a half president obama set to speak to tribal leaders. they're in washington to discuss several important issues including education, healthcare and protecting native lands. more than a dozen cabinet secretaries are going to be at that meeting. why is this event so significant? >> well, president obama has been having these white house tribal nation conferences for five years. this sort of thing just wasn't happening. oftentimes when the federal government talked to tribes, tribes felt it was a talking down to, rather than face-to-face meetings where they could have an conversation. the white house is trying to change that and they've established a council on native american affairs. but many officials acknowledge that there are painful past that is have to be made up for. >> today, today we declare that we must never forget, we must never deny the injustice that for decades upon decades was inflicted on native peoples. we affirm that this painful past has risen to self determination. >> attorney general eric holder addressed violence in indian country something very important to many tri
's healthcare reform law taking center stage again today. president obama is set to meet with executives of several insurance companies at the white house. this the day after he announced a major change to the law. >> reporter: with republican support sinking and democrats on the edge of revolt, president obama decided it was time for a full mea culpa. >> it's on me. >> the president denied that he was aware of the disaster of >> he was not informed directly that the website would not be working. i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying, this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the website opened if i thought it wasn't going to work. >> the president proposed a fix. >> insurers can extend current plans that otherwise would be canceled into 2014, and the americans whose plans were canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan. >> but there's no guarantee that the insurers will offer the same plans. changing the rules after the healthcare plans already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and end
say it effectively shuts many clinics. >> president obama says the federal health care website should be in better shape by the end of the month. they were warned it was not ready. >> 23 people have been killed in a suicide bombing outside the iranian embassy in beirut - an al-qaeda group sakes ownership. >> jpmorgan pays a record settlement for selling risky mortgages that contributed to the global financial crisis. [ ♪ music ]. >>> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. the supreme court has ruled against blocking a restrictive abortion law in texas. the ruling let's the state continue to enforce some of the strictest abortion restrictions in the country while a legal appeal continues in a lower court. by a 5-4 vote they decided not to intervene to require doctors who perform abortion tos have admitting privilege at hospitals. the law also limits the use of abortion-inducing drugs, bans them after the 20th week of pregnancy and limits procedures to surgical facilities. a legal challenge will be held in jan. >> a victory in new mexico for those in favour of the ab
'llk at the misconceptions of the speech and the decisions that live to this day. >> president obama woke up this morning to a front page story in the "washington post" highligh highlighting the evidence that his presidency has reached a new low. the latest "washington post" abc poll shows that president obama's approval rating is at the lowest approval rating the president has had in office. the president's disapproval ra rating is the highest figure. 57% of those surveyed oppose the law that is a record high just 40% support t and that's a record low. here is a breakdown that frightness the white house the most, four in ten americans say they're more likely to oppose a politician who backs the legislation while just over a fifth said they would be likely to support a person. democrats fear the party could take a pounding in next year's midterm elections thanks to obamacare. democrats are joining republicans in demanding changes to the law. last night joe biden tried to soothe the democrats in houston by using divine intervention and mentioning it in the healthcare website. he said, the truth is we'll f
their nuclear program. some don't think iran will live up to it's end of the short term deal. president obama responded to kritdicit critics during a speech. it's not the right thing for our security. >> the european union says it could relax sanctions as early as next month. both sides have to reach a long term deal that is may we are talking about. here are the key points to the deal. iran will stop enriching u rainm to 5% and 22% uranium will be neutraneutralized and some are september keskeptical that irant live up to the bargain. that appearance by president obama in san francisco a few moaptsmoments ago is interestin. not only is the president on the west coast on a fund raising swing for the midterm elections in 2014 s. bu 2014, but he begag about iran he started off by saying i di have done what i sa. and it's an interesting context and frame of reference that the president used but you are right. it's a question of trust here in washington and another interesting aspect of that is when the president says tough talk might work politically. >> it's no not only domestic criticism i i he
the powers of the nsa and edward snowden is now. offering to help germany. >> and president obama shook hands with the leader of iraq for the first time in two years. >> secretary of state john kerry is conceding that some u.s. spying has gone too far. kerry was speaking at a conference in london. he was defending the programs but the white house has concluded that reviews and changes are needed. >> in some cases i acknowledge as does the president some of these actions have reached too far and we are going to make sure that that doesn't happen in the future. >> lawmakers on capitol hill are taking up the spying being a at this times. the senate committee has limited how long the nsa can keep their data record. records. the bill will expand penalties for illegal spying. it falls short from real reform. >> one of the critics is journalist dplejournalist glen . the more information you collect about innocent people the harder it is to actually find the people that actually mean to do you harm. and the metaphor that surveillance officals use they are hooking for a needle in the hay stack. the la
from california to north carolina. president obama is optimistic about the deal to slow iran's nuclear program and if tehran follows through he says it will chip away at years of miss trust between the u.s. and iran. >> we cannot close the door on diplomacy and cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict and tough talk and bluser may be easy to do politically but not the right thing for security. >> reporter: called on iran to restrict its nuclear program and stop enriching uranium and dulute uranium and it would unfreeze accounts that hold $4 billion in iranian oil revenue. saudi arabia is welcoming the iran nuclear deal, a statement from the saudi cabinet said if there is good will it will be an initial step of reaching a comprehensive solution for iran's nuclear program and they hope it goes to removing weapons on the middle east and it strained relations between u.s. and the ally. the zero option is back on the table in afghanistan. president obama's national security advisor is telling the country's presid
>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. honoring jfk. president obama set to lay a wreath at his grave in just a few moments. negotiations and concessions. world powers arriving in geneva around iran's nuclear program, and new abortion law, one of the toughest in the country. president obama honored 16 individuals a short while ago with the nation's highest honor. the presidential medal of freedom ceremony coming two days before the 90 anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination. kennedy created the award but didn't live to bestow any. mike viqueira is at the white house, mike, 16 awards given. three of those people no longer with us, and one unable to attend. >> a welcome break from the poisonous atmosphere in washington, remembers of the sports world, the entertainment world as well, one of my person favorites, arturo sandoval, and ernie banks still i have a 1969 card still. it was a joyous occasion in the east room. the president honoring so many people, and so a great event, and now we are awaiting the presidential motorcade to de part with bill c
, and against militants, extremists linked to al qaeda in iraq. >> ford defended the obama administration's role. he says the u.s. provided military support to moderate allies, and the best course of action would be a peace agreement. >> iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki will visit the white house on friday, part of his first trip to washington in two years. on thursday he addressed a packed auditor youm. he said his country needs help to stop the growing violence. patty culhane has more. >> who is to blame for the carnage seen daily on the streets of iraq? prime minister nouri al-maliki's message to the u.s. - this is the work of america's own arch enemy al qaeda, telling the u.s. media, public forums and u.s. leaders he needs their help to stop this. the group's resurgens in iraq is because of a vacuum left by the arab springs, the civil war in syria. some believe he shares some of the blame for consolidating the power, shutting up the sunni community, arguing he's creating conditions for another civil war. the prime minister told the conference he has done nothing wrong. >> as long i use
minister came to the u.s. to personally ask president obama for help. mike viqueira explains why. >> it was their first face to face meeting in two years. it comes as iraq faces new threats and doubts over its stability. >> unfortunately al qaeda has still been active and has grown more active recently. so we had a lot of discussion about how we can work together to push back against that terrorist organization that operates not only in iraq, but also as a threat to the region and the united states. >> president obama and prime minister nouri al-maliki blame al qaeda for the surge in violence in iraq. >> translation: we have a common vision about all the issues we discuss when it comes to diagnosing the return of terrorism, and how to counter terrorism. >> over the last year the security situation in iraq has taken a dramatic downturn. in october alone 979 iraqis were killed in terror attacks. 852 of them civilians. more than 7,000 died sings -- since the beginning of this year. nouri al-maliki is in washington asking for more american weapons to help in the fight, including apa
-maliki is in washington to gather u.s. support to deal with violence in his country. president obama wants an inclusive iraq and elections should be held as soon as possible. more from patty culhane in washington. >> iraq's prime minister nouri al-maliki came to the white house with an urgent request. he wanted the obama administration to speed up or promise additional military equipment for the armed forces in iraq. at the end of the meeting president obama said that the u.s. was committed to helping iraq fight al qaeda, but did not give specifics. >> throughout this discussion the main theme was that the united states wants to be a strong and effective partner with iraq. >> translation: we had a common vision about all issues we discussed, when diagnosing the return of terrorism to the middle east. we talked about ways to counterterrorism and we had similar positions and ideas. >> the obama administration wanted concrete promises from iraq's prime minister that he would change the way he governed in iraq, making it an inclusive prospect leading to the election. they said that was the goal, but didn'
, and dangerous and bad for peace and the international community. >> mag president obama called -- meanwhile president obama called benyamin netanyahu to ease tensions. white house speaks people said any talks of an agreement is premature. >> tensions between iran and the u.s. - michelle carey has more on the issue. >> talks to end iran's nuclear program will go into a third day. there are five sites where iran is believed to be enriching and converting uranium, and a facility where it's suspected that iran is conducting nuclear research and development, prompting sanctions against the country. they target 18 countries from a variety of industries like oil production, banking. the bulk restrict tractions. the iranian people are the ones seeing the effect of sanctions. they hope that the end of the sanctions will bring jobs and international isolation. the hardliners are opposed to bowing to international pressure. >> translation: the u.s. wants iran to be a member of the world which it designed. we don't accept it. if our ties are going to be normal the u.s. should change interactions with i
. america pays tribute to its veterans as we wait for president obama to lay a wreath at the arlington national cemetery. rescue workers try to get relief to the survivors of typhoon haiyan in the wake of devastation there. >>> and talks with iran ends without an agreement, and now they're talking about even tougher sanctions. >> today is veteran's day. it is the day that we honor the services of those survive in thd forces. you're seeing a live scene from arlington's cemetery where president obama is expected to lay a wreath at the too many of the unknowns. [ nationa [ national anthem ] [ the national anthem ] [ drums ] [ "taps" ] [ "taps" ] >> the president laying a wreath at the too many of the unknown. it's a somber ceremony that takes place each year at this time. the president pays homage to the soldiers who died in wars past and ongoing whose names are not known. you're looking at the honor guard to their left is what is called the mat, the soldiers who parole the too many walk 21 steps south down the black mat, which is laid across the too many. they turn and face east towards
. >>> a critical comment from one of president obama's supporters, bill clinton - calling on the president to keep his promise and allow people to keep their health care plans. >>> israel decides not to build in the west bank. >> it is the highest high-rise in the country - but it was a close call. . >>> welcome to al jazeera america. relief organizations and nations around the world are scrambling to help survivors of one of the largest storms to make landfall. little aid is getting to the typhoon haiyan victims, especially those in remote locations. time is running out. the philippine government says more than 2 million people need aid. the death toll has climbed to 2200 people. damaged roads and poor conditions at airports are complicating the system. add to that relief and rescue efforts - desperate pleas for help turning to looting for food, water and medicine. let's look at where the devastation is. in the central philippines the destruction stretches from leyte to tacloban and palay. craig leeson is in cebu with the latest. >> reporter: they lumbered into the cebu air force base with preci
of president obama and his party. we two to rome georgia where some tea party candidates are trying to use the troubled roll out of obamacare to their advantage. >> in rome georgia, chatter about what is happening in washington is familiar as the main street. >> those people up there don't have a clue about what is going on in the united states. >> in the foot hills rome is home to conservative rub can tom grace. he voted to continue the government shutdown. he finds plenty of supporters in rome who blame the president. >> there'll be people who will be disposed to opposing him. and people opposed to the affordable care act. it helped to energise the tea party. >> here in rome there is a lack of confidence in washington. specifically with the president of the united states. that is not really surprising. back in 2012, his opponent, mitt romney won the region by more that 73% of the popular vote. the problem-plagued roll out of the affordable care act website and the bickering that led to a shutdown of the government adds to dissatisfaction, contributing to singing ratings of president obam
in jalalabad beat an effigy of president obama. >> we do not want them in our land. we want invaders from our country at the soonest condition. we consider anyone who signs this agreement as a traitor. >> reporter: they must wait to hear what decisions are being made on their behalf. decisions that could change the future of their country. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. >> another section of a supermarket collapsed today in latvia. you can see workers are inside when this happened. more than 50 people died in the original collapse that happened during peak shopping hours. the collapse happened in the capital of riga. the latvian president is call this disaster murder. >>> a pipeline explosion in china that sprung a leak yesterday and soon after exploded. three pipelines in the area have been shut off until they can pass safety checks. local environmental protections say oil is flowing out and contaminating the nearby area. >>> it's been two weeks since typhoon haiyan tore through the philippines and it has been a struggle oh getting people in need the things they need. >> ther
between the u.s. and iran since the 1979 iranian revolution. president obama hailed the agreement as the most significant and tangible progress of a diplomatic campaign. >> today that xloema diplomacy opened up a new path that we can verify iran's nuclear program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> let's bring in white house correspondent mike viqueira. mike, six months, that's the extent of this deal. what are world leaders hoping will happen during that time? >> reporter: at the end of that time, they are hoping they can come to a larger deal that will prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. they have instittuted steps that they believe will present iran from turning the corner. they call it "a breakout" to take the uranium and plutonium and turning it into a nuclear weapon. under the provisions of this deal, they would halt enrichment of uranium above five %. they would dilute at a time uranium they have 20% and make that inoperable. there will be no additional 7 triv fuse. that a great deal of criticism. many people who are against this deal called it
♪ ♪ >> secretary thsecretary of stay has made a agreement with iran. president obama hailed the deal as a victory for diplomacy. >> today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. let's bring in white house corse upocorrespondent mike viqueira. so, mike, this is a six month deal. what are the leaders hoping to get out of this. >> to prevent iran from investigate developing a nuclea. and during the six months during the negotiations that are going to follow towards this goal. the permanent five members of the united nations plus germany have struck this deal with iran to sharply curtail their nuclear capability. in the meantime as they try to negotiate this deal. this is the compromise. what the deal will do is halt the iranian enrichment. they have pledged to halt their enrichment above a 5% threshold. above that you have weapons-grade your rai uranium t can be quickly converted into new colounuclear wemtion. weapons there will be no additional sentr sens cen
this in spring. they are confident of victory. president obama has been travelling on the west coast. a fundraising swing. he's due at the white house on tuesday night. there was a statement after the supreme court made its announcement by the white house reading in part: >> the supreme court points out that religious institutions are not required to provide contraceptive coverage under the affordable care act, but the key legal question is does that exemption provide - extend to private for-profit companies. many are looking at this as a huge decision. meantime, advocates of women's reproductive rights say if the supreme court decides with hobby lobby, and other organizations and there are dozeness of lawsuits along the lines. it could mean the affordable care act would be picked apart. any business could object on any grounds to covering certain provisions within the act. >> mike viqueira from the white house. a pair of u.s. bombers flew through air space china said was its own. al jazeera's rosalind jordan has more. >> on monday night the u.s. military says two b52 bombers like th
to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york. the barack obama administration has taken the health care website offline to make repairs. this, after it was supposed to be glitch-freebie saturday.'s insurance application and enrolment systems are unavailable. the obama administration hopes the overnight repairs will have the site up and running in a few short hours. pinks randall pinkston looks at the political fallout. >> house speaker john boehner continued to say in a statement, "the president bit off more than he could chew." the democrats are having a hard time defending it. >> disappointment - we'll have to get past it. the overall project is too important to allow ourselves to be discouraged. >> health and human services fell short of its goal. instead of 500,000 signing up, only 106,000 got covage. most of that on state exchanges, not federal sites. insurance takes effect it 1 january, but the deadline for first payment was moved from december 1st to december 23rdrd. one thing that stayed the same, the last day to enrol was march 31st. president ob
-old american's alleged apology to north korea. >>> and today is the self imposed deadline that president obama promised the healthcar website will be working for most people. >>> syria's civil war continues to hos flood into neighbor countries. 2.2 million people have thread syria and taken up in other countries. many are living in camps of plastic tents to protect them from the elements. we have reports from camps in jordan. >> reporter: thermal blankets and clothing distribution has just started at this camp. you can see behind me there are hundreds of refugee who is are queuing to receive these items on the first day of direction, which is always stress busy. the high thermal blankets are a valuable commodity, especially important for residents and refugee who is are still living inside plastic tents and have much less protection from the rain and the cold and the wind in the winter. now aid agencies are also distributing clothing kits for babies and children up to the age of five. what you see in these boxes behind me includes enough winter clothing for 24,000 children. now
. >> a critical comment a problem for president obama. why bill clinton says if you like your health care plan, you should keep it. >> are you on cholesterol medication, you may be - drastic changes on who gets the job and who doesn't. >> a video game designed to find a perfect employee - how some companies are using it to evaluate job applicants. [ ♪ theme ] >>> good morning and welcome to al jazeera america. a glimmer of hope for survivors of typhoon haiyan. philippines' officials say all major roads damaged by the storm are passable. it's welcome news to relief and rescue workers who have been struggling to deliver aid since last weekend. there's a sense of urgency to get supplies out fast as conditions are worsening across the battered country. in village after village families are begging for basic necessities - some standing on the side of roads with signs saying, "please help us", turning pleas for help into looting for food, water and medicine. here is where the worst damage is - in the central philippines the devastation stretches from leyte, to tacloban, and palay. also to cebu. w
president obama owns up again with a big new concession. saving the survivors the life and death issue. it threatens even more lives. first the denials and then the confessions, now get ready for the biggest surprise yet. ♪ we begin with president obama's healthcare plan, and his new pledge to fix it. he says he is responsible for the flawed roll out, and in an about face, he says americans can now keep their plans for up to a year, but it still doesn't solve the problem with the website and the mounting pressure from his own party. >> john, it really was a remarkable appearance by president obama. he was contrite, he was apologetic, he took the blame, and proposed a fix that are plaguing his new healthcare law. >> that's on me. we fumbled the roll out on this healthcare law. >> the president denied he was aware of launch tests that warned of disaster. >> i was not informed exactly that the website would not be working. i don't think i'm stupid enough to say this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travel losty, a week before the website opens if i thought that it wasn't
. >>> the affordable care act has been costing president obama and his party dearly. they are using the failed launch to gain votes for 2016. >> reporter: political chatter about what is happening in washington is as familiar as the summer charm of main street. >> 90% of people up there do not have a clue of what is going on in the united states. >> reporter: in the foothills of appalachians, rome is home to conservative congressman tom graves. he voted to continue the government shutdown. he can find plenty of supporters in rome who blame the president for failures in government. >> there are people who would be naturally disposed to opposing him and it's one of the things that help to energy the tea party in its early days. >> reporter: here in rome there is an overall lack of confident in washington. specifically with the president of the united states. but that is not really surprising. back in 2012 his opponent mitt romney won this region by more than 73% of the popular vote. now the it plays out on the affordable healthcare website. >> i think it has hurt him tremendously
♪ . >> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city. enough is enough. >> president obama applauds the move to change filibuster rules. u.s. troops staying in afghanistan, but president karzai introduced a possible snag. a father says their elderly father is being held by north korea. >> a historic day on capitol hill, as the senate makes it's biggest the controversial move will end the grid lock over the president's executive and judicial picks. libby casey joins us now from capitol hill with more on is significance of this move. great to see you, the president certainly didn't waste much time reacting to the vote, did he? >> that's right. he was supportive of it. now pack in 2005, when mr. obama was senator obama ma, he was actually opposed to changing the rules regarding the filibuster. using the so call nuclear option, but the white house says times have changed because the republicans in their words have become more obstructionist. >> it's harming our economy, and our democracy, and it has brought us to the point where a similar majority vote no longer seems to be suf
and the israelis. this amid contentious relationship between president obama and the israeli leader benjamin netanyahu. in the left wing after president obama has talked about the 1967 borders as being the basis for a new two-state solution, benjamin netanyahu lectured president obama in an oval office photo op. people were shocked. things have been patched up since then, but the obama administration with john kerry in the lead still trying to work out that peace agreement, which would be historic. tony, it was 35 years ago in the north lawn of the white house right behind me when they signed the accord. since then we've had the oslo accords. they've been stopped and started many times, and many in washington and elsewhere, many wonder what they hope to accomplish. john kerry was with mahmoud abbas, as you mentioned, and praised the palestinian leader. >> i am convinced that president abbas is serious about these talks. i'm convinced that he wants to find peace, and he understands that it will require compromise by all the parties. and he has restated to me today his own willingness to compr
, healthcare and protecting native lands. president obama spoke to the group. libby casey joins us now from washington where the president is still speaking. what are we hearing from the president? >> reporter: that's right. he's speaking right here inside the interior department where thousands of tribal leaders have come from as far away from alaska and hawai'i to hear from president obama obama. reauthorizing the violence against women act which means they can try non-tribal members against. tribal members. he also talked about some of the hardships that are being confronted right now. let's hear the president. >> we've got to stop the self-inflicted wounds in washington because for many tribal nations this year's harmful sequestration cuts, many are all feeling the squeeze. that's why i'm fighting for a responsible budget that invests in things we need to grow like education, job training affordable housing and transportation, including for native american communities. >> reporter: now the sequestration cuts that went into affect last spring, a lot of social welfare programs were exempt
of course good luck. >> president obama -- thank you. president obama spoke to president aquino and assured him we would do all we can in their hour of need. we're doing all we can. >> ambassador godbeck thank you very much. >> you're welcome. good-bye. >> back home president obama is hearing more criticism over his health care law. this time, it's not coming from the right, it's from former president bill clinton and he says mr. obama needs to honor his commitment and allow americans to keep their insurance if they want to. white house correspondent mike viqueria joins us now from washington. mike was there any warning that mr. clinton was going to say this? >> no. and the white house was at pains to explain exactly what they think bill clinton meant and react to it. the associated press has a new figure, three and a half million americans have been told their existing insurance policies are going away and they do not conform to the affordable care act also known as obamacare. those old policies were inferior they were told, about half that number are going to be eligible for a lot of subs
as survivors of typhoon haiyan need survival relief. >> it is another setback for president obama's signature legislative achievement. the numbers are not good. mike viqueira joins us from the white house, mike, you were telling us that the numbers were likely to be bad. how bad is it? >> it's worse than it was yesterday. it seems to be less than that. if you're counting the people who were trying to enroll through that website. only 26,794 people, we'll call it 27,000, were able to register through those states. there were 36 states who declined to do this themselves. they're relying on the federal government to get them enrolled. all told, the rest of the states, had now who have their own website, the total is 106,185. when you consider the fact that ththe congressional budget offie project the number that would be enrolled in the first month, they're certainly falling short, and there is more trouble on the horizon. do you remember the president assigned a technology czar to straighten this whole thing out. they said the website would be up and running by the end of the mon
that the worldwide has been rough so far. and i think everybody understands that i'm not happy. >> president obama promises fixing for the affordable care act, and announces a big change for people who could lose their insurance. >> money, supplies and volunteers are flowing toward the philippines but nearly after week after the storm, getting it to the hardest hit areas is very dangerous. and it is a holy day, over 3 million people coming together in iran, a gathering which was illegal under sue dam hussein. you know this already, it has been a if you have few week for president obama's healthcare reform law. the website was trouble from the very beginning. and millions of people are receiving cancellation notices from their insurance companies. today the president said he is moving to fix the problems with his signature legislation. mike mccara joins us now from the white house, mike, what is the president proposing? is he about to change the law. >> well, he is going to make an alteration to it, and it is about the second time he has done that. republicans say he can't do it, but they are going
's dysfunction, i think all of us agree we would be a lot further along. >> president obama under fire for the health care fiasco, facing any questions and the site's security. >>> beirut bombing, the deadly attack targeting the iranian embassy. >>> up in smoke, new york's tough new stand on young americans lighting up. what the ban means for big tobacco. >> four score and seven years ago -- >> tonight 150 years to the day that changed everything. ♪ >>> we begin tonight with questions of confidence and credibility at the white house. the president is getting hammered day after day over the rocky rollout over the health care website. today it was warned that the website is a security risk to americans. we begin with mike viqueira at the white house. mike? >> john, if it's a scandal it is not necessarily of who knew what when, it's a scandal of government inneptude. today this morning on the front of the "washington post," a leak that ended up having a hearing, a document six months before the law from mackenzie and company, a private outside consultant warning of some of the problems
the evening. >> in washington, health care headaches for barack obama. mike viqueira has more from the white house. >> there are questions about who knew what when, in terms. troubled rollout and the problems for over the last six months. it's a government inept attitude problem, threatening to undermine public confidence in the enterprise, not to mention a political disaster. a new revelation, a consulting firm six months before the launch, mckenzie&company had a meeting with the government and outlined the problems, predicting many glitches - more than glitches that brought disaster in the words of administration officials - inefficient testing, no set targets. the president was briefed about the report, but they reported in reaction to the report no one could have anticipated, they say, the size and scope of the problems faced by this website and the rollout of the affordable care act. president obama was across town at a forum sponsored by the "wall street journal" and was asked about his troubled law. >> we probably underestimated the complexities of building out a websit
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